Testimonials :

You were the best birthday present my husband has ever given me! You really worked miracles and got the chaos out of my life. I look forward to giving your services out to everyone on my Christmas list.
Emily E., Georgetown, Ky
I liked that you made me ask myself the hard questions like “do I really need 15 white shirts?” and “Do I really need to hold on to my People magazines from the 90’s?” As silly as it sounds I needed someone to make me get rid of the clutter controlling my life. Thank you for allowing me to know what my floors look like.
Girija Y., Lexington, Ky
Moving into my new home was a breeze with the packing help I got from Sarah. Everything was labeled and color coded by room so the movers knew exactly where to take things. We even did things I would never think of doing like make a Change of Address Checklist. I would still be unpacking if it wasn’t for her.
Janet H., Lexington Ky
I get to enjoy my entire home now instead of shutting the doors to the rooms that are messy. Thank you Sarah, I desperately needed this.
Marcy C., Lexington Ky
I was bored with my wardrobe and was spending way too much on new stuff.  After Sarah came in and arranged my clothes in categories (pants, skirts, dresses), I became more satisfied with my current choices even though my options hadn’t changed.  Who knew organizing your closet could save you money?
Tabitha B., Lexington, KY
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